Sophie Hamacher (director), an artist and filmmaker from Berlin and Baltimore, works primarily with collage, reconfiguring media images by using documents and reclaiming them from their mere informative quality. She has written extensively on the relationship between art and document, and the unconscious or conscious witnessing of historical events through photography and film. She has directed, and written a collaborative film in Tehran, has co-curated the exhibition Überleben (2007), and is currently working on this documentary film. Her films have been shown in international video festivals and symposia in Cairo, London, Berlin and New York.

Johanna Schiller (co-producer) spent the last 12 years working as a DVD producer for the Criterion Collection. She supervised over 65 DVD releases of classic and contemporary films, including the work of Ingmar Bergman, Jean Renoir, Roberto Rossellini and Barbara Kopple, conducting interviews and producing documentary bonus features, recording and editing audio commentary tracks and overseeing all aspects of production. Highlights include a landmark box set Five Films by John Cassavetes and deluxe editions of Bergman’s Scenes From a Marriage, Fanny and Alexander and The Seventh Seal. Johanna also produced DVD editions of the debut films of Lynne Ramsay, David Gordon Green and Noah Baumbach, and the first ever home video release of Barbara Kopple’s Academy Award-nominated documentary, Harlan County USA.